Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to train in every class?

You do not have to attend every class, but you are encouraged to train as often as you can in order to make as much progress as possible.

Do I have to have a uniform before I start training?

No, it is not necessary.  For the first few days or weeks feel free to train in comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.  Be sure your clothing covers your knees and elbows, since we walking with bare knees on the mats can be rather uncomfortable.  We train barefoot; no shoes are allowed on the mat at any time.

Where can I get a uniform?

We recommend several online sources for uniforms.  Aikido of Georgia does not provide uniforms at this time.

Ki International – Light Weight Karate gi (Cotton, white) — An inexpensive starter uniform, especially suitable for young children.  Tends to be a bit too lightweight for strong grabs in the adult class.

Hsu Judo – Medium Weight Karate (White) — A good mid-range, durable uniform, this has been the standard of our dojo since 2009.

Seido Shop – Light Weight Single Layer Aikido gi — On the higher end of aikido uniforms, significantly more expensive, yet popular around the wo